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PoliTreks! Barry DeFord and Shashank Avvaru talk politics, religion, and society around the replicator. Along with special guests, we choose to Boldly Go straight into the social, political, and sometimes spiritual underpinnings at the core of Star Trek. In this podcast, we aim to seek out new perspectives, and discover the ways Trek - past and present - can help us better understand the world as it is, and us as we are. We travel at warp speed through worlds, timelines, and dimensions with one mission: make sense of our reality!

Mar 29, 2020

PoliTreks returns for the continuing analysis/review series of each episode of Star Trek: Picard! Shashank and a guest host break down in detail every scene of the episode, discuss easter eggs, overall themes and metaphors.

In this episode, Shashank, who is doing this episode by himself and stuck in quarantine, much like Crusher who is left all by herself on the Enterprise, wondering if something is wrong with her or the universe, tries to make sense of the Broken Pieces of Picard. A summary of the episode later he talks about the crew's reaction to Jurati's murder confession and how this might derail the series' narrative power. He also reacts to Seven as the Borg Queen, Rios' breakdown and more.